Antivirus and Malware Tools

Here are links to my current favorite antivirus and antimalware tools.

Malwarebytes is a tool which removes infections after you get them.  You can also run it to make sure you do not have an infection.

It is always useful to have more than one tool.  Sometimes one will remove bugs that the other will not.  Superantispyware is another tool I use often.

Both of the above are free versions, but if they really help you out of a bad infection think about buying the pay versions they offer.

My favorite pay antivirus software is NOD32 by Eset.  It is great protection and does not slow your PC down like some other AV software you can buy.  You can try it free for 30 days, but after that you have to by it.

Eset also has an online scanner you can use for free on the internet.  If you can get online, it has worked well for me.

Finally, Microsoft now provides free antivirus/antimalware  software.  All you need is a legal verison of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.  It seems pretty good.

Backup Software

There are many choices when it comes to backup software.  Sometimes, it comes free when you get an external hard drive.  If you don’t have any, I’ll give you three choices.  The first two are full featured programs with a lot of flexibility.  The each let you make sets of instructions that say what to backup and where to put the backup.  They let you backup everything, or just changes.  They let you automatically schedule backups.

They are:

Super-flexible file synchronizer 

You have to pay for after the free trial period is over.  The price is $34.95 but you can try it for free.

Syncback Freeware

This is free for personal use.  Once again this is very powerful and offers a lot of feature.  If you want the free version, make use to click the the download link next to the freeware version.  (They make pay versions too.)

For the average user, the choices available in using and configuring the above software can be overwhelming.  There is another choice:

Fab’s Autobackup

The beauty of this software is that it knows the location of all of your common Windows user files, documents, and settings.  It is a lot more user friendly and makes backing up a lot easier. 

You have to pay for it but it is cheap.  the price is in Euros, it is 4.90EUR.  That is about $6.99 as of today.  Well worth it.  The other thing to know is that they only accept PaPal payments, but then PalPal takes care of the money conversion and makes it much safer for you when ordering online.

PayPal is also used to make buying on ebay safer.   In fact, Ebay owns paypal now.  You can signup (or find out more at